A hodgepodge of photos of family, pets, vacations and just about anything.

Me at Emerald Bay Bahamas
Danielle and Kettle Rapids
Danielle and Alex at Marineland
Danielle and Lily
Me at Emerald Bay, Bahamas
Omi and Bella at Crescent Park Lodge
Danielle with Broken Arm in a Cast Holding Bella
Liane and Danielle on Smores
Me Riding Oreo at Meadowbank Farms
Jerry, Lisa and Keaton at Marineland
Derek in his Funny Hat
Danielle with A Farm Dog
Me in front of the Mantle at Christmas time
Danielle in her Dirndl Dress holding Bella
Me and Olympic Ice as a Yearling
Danielle riding Lily at Riding Camp
Bareback Riding on Oreo
Giving Oreo A Hug
Danielle and Muffin
Scott and Spunky with Workout Buddy
Jerry and Forest Glitter
Grandpa and Danielle
Me and Oreo
Riding on the Beach in St. Lucia
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